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how many calories does weightlifting burn
How Many Calories Does Weight Lifting Burn?
Have you ever wondered how many calories do you burn lifting weights? Weightlifting is an effective way...
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devil press crossfit
The Devil Press: How To, Tips and Tricks
As fitness enthusiasts, we are always on the lookout for challenging exercises that deliver maximum results. Enter...
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muscular dad bod
Why Having a Muscular Dad Bod is a Good Thing
When you think of a dad bod, you might imagine a body that is not in the best shape. But what if I told...
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bcaa vs creatine header
BCAA vs Creatine: Boosting Muscle Growth Effectively
Key Takeaways BCAA and creatine are both performance...
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CrossFit Wall Walks: How-To, Tips, and Mistakes to Avoid
This movement is a blend of upper body strength, core strength and stability, and mental determination....
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Hollow rocks header
Hollow Rocks — Muscles Worked, Form tips, and Progressions
If you've ever set foot in a CrossFit box or dabbled in the world of fitness, you might've come across...
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resilience in fitness header
Resilience in Fitness: Bouncing Back from Injuries and Setbacks
So, what exactly is resilience? In the simplest terms, resilience is the ability to bounce back from...
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protein supplements header
Guide to Protein Supplements: Types, Benefits, and Dosages
Now, why should you even care about protein? Simple. Protein is the building block of your muscles. When...
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Travel WODs header
The Ultimate Guide to Travel WODs: Stay Fit Anywhere, Anytime
Travel WODs are more than just a convenience; they're a lifeline for the committed athlete on the go. These...
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creatine before bed header
Creatine Before Bed: Timing, Benefits, and Side Effects
During sleep, your body enters a state of recovery and growth. This is when the magic happens - muscle...
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crossfit vs hybrid athlete header
Crossfit or Hybrid Athlete? - Or can you do both?
Can you be a CrossFitter and a hybrid athlete at the same time? Is one approach better than the other,...
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lower back pain after sit ups header
Lower Back Pain After Sit Ups: Reasons and Cure
We've all been there. You've just finished a killer workout including abdominal exercises, and then you...
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mental health and fitness header
Mental Health and Fitness: The Connection
In CrossFit, we see firsthand the transformative power of physical activity on both the body and the...
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goblet squats header
Power Up with Goblet Squats: A Complete Guide
Welcome, fellow athlete! If you're looking to add a new dimension to your workout routine, you've come...
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Gorilla Row header
Build a Strong Back with the Gorilla Row
Welcome, fitness enthusiasts and newcomers alike! Today, we're diving into the world of Gorilla Rows,...
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HIIT for weight loss header
HIIT for Weight Loss: The Power of High-Intensity Interval Training
During the years in CrossFit, I've seen firsthand the transformative power of High-Intensity Interval...
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Crossfit for women header
CrossFit for Women: Myth-Busting the Fear of Bulking Up!
Welcome to the empowering world of CrossFit, a high-intensity fitness regimen that has been transforming...
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HIIT for older adults header
Revitalize Aging: Unleashing the Power of HIIT for Older Adults
Regular HIIT workouts enhance physical fitness, improve mental health, have positive effects on your...
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dumbbell quad exercises header
Elevate Your Fitness: Full Guide to Quad Dumbbell Exercises
Welcome to the world of dumbbell quad exercises, a realm where the power of the human body is harnessed...
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crossfit recovery header
CrossFit Recovery for Peak Performance
Recovery is the unsung hero of CrossFit, a critical aspect of the training session. It's during these...
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