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Contact Us

Hey there, fitness enthusiast!

Did you accidentally do a burpee and now can’t get up? Or perhaps you’ve discovered a new yoga pose that defies gravity and want to share it with us? Maybe you’ve just run a marathon and, in your post-run euphoria, decided to send us a love letter? Whatever the reason, we’re all ears (and muscles)!

Here at MotifitLife, we’re more than just a team of fitness gurus. We’re also world-class listeners. We’re like the personal trainers of customer service – we’ll help you flex those communication muscles!

Email Us

For general inquiries, suggestions, or if you just want to share your favorite protein shake recipe, drop us a line at We promise we won’t make you do push-ups for every typo.

Get in touch with Rob

Looking to chat about the big stuff? The really, really important, protein-shake-level important stuff? Then you need to talk to Rob. He’s our resident fitness guru, business maestro, and part-time motivational speaker.

Rob is so dedicated to fitness, he once did a conference call while running a half marathon. He’s the guy who can negotiate business deals while holding a perfect plank. He’s the man who can answer your emails with one hand and lift kettlebells with the other.

So, whether you’re looking to collaborate, have a business proposition, or just want to know his secret to doing squats while on a Zoom call, Rob’s your man.

Reach out to him at But remember, he’s a busy guy – he might be replying to you while on a treadmill, so please, no essays!

And don’t worry, he doesn’t bite. Unless you’re a protein bar. Then all bets are off.


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