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The Secret Weapon to Weight Loss Success: Using Affirmations

Affirmations are positive statements that we repeat to ourselves in order to program our minds for success. They can be used for any goal, including weight loss. In this article, we will discuss how affirmations can help us achieve our weight loss goals. We will also provide a few tips on how to create effective affirmations for weight loss.

5 Week at Home Chest Workout

man with toned chest
When it comes to the chest muscles, many people think that in order to build them you need a lot of equipment and/or weights. However, that is not the case! There are enough home chest workouts available for building muscle mass and the workout plan you get from us will get you to your goal.

Essential Oils For Sore Muscles

essential oil bottle
Sore muscles are a common problem, especially after a strenuous workout. But what causes sore muscles in the first place? And is there anything we can do to treat them? In this article, we will explore the cause of sore muscles, and discuss some methods for reducing muscle soreness. We’ll also take a look at the use of anti-inflammatory supplements and essential oils for sore muscles. So read on to learn more!

HIIT Cycling Benefits

female athlete on indoor bike
When it comes to HIIT, there are many different forms that you can choose from. You can do HIIT with Crossfit, weightlifting, bodyweight exercises, or even cardio exercises. But today we're going to talk about HIIT cycling benefits.

Deadlift workout – a killer exercise for your whole body

caption of athlete doing deadlift
We all know this question that comes up sooner or later during a conversation about working out: “How much do you bench press?” But lately, another question that I keep hearing more and more is: “How much do you deadlift?” So it seems the deadlift has finally arrived in many people’s workouts and athletes all over the world started to understand what exceptional results can be achieved by adding deadlifts into their workout routine.

Time Between Meal and Workout

meals on a table with clocks behind
There are a lot of questions when it comes to working out and eating. What should I eat before my workout? How long should I wait after I eat to work out? Will this food give me the energy I need for my workout? These are all valid questions, and the answer to them depends on a variety of factors.

Best Kettlebell Shoulder Workout – plus exercises and three complete workouts

athlete preparing for a kettlebell workout
Nice strong shoulders look great and are the “cornerstones” of an athletic upper body. That is the reason why most people look for the right shoulder workouts – simply to build great shoulders. But actually, our shoulders are more than that. They play a crucial role in our everyday life and those of us, who already had a shoulder injury know to which extent a dysfunctional shoulder affects us.

Tabata vs HIIT vs Functional Training: What’s the Difference?

Group of athletes performing a hiit workout
HIIT workouts, Tabata, and functional training are all popular types of workout regimes and have found their way into the fitness world already a few years ago. Any one of them are great exercise routines for those who want to do strength training, looking for ways to speed up weight loss, burn more calories, and reach their fitness goals in a short period of time.

Best running shoes for flat feet

best running shoes for flat feet
Today we are going to look into which are the best running shoes for flat feet. We´ll also have a look, at if insoles are a proper tool to fix the problem or if they might even do more harm than good. Are stability shoes or motion control shoes the right option for flat footed runners?

Fire! – Thermogenic pre-workouts!

thermogenic pre workout header
What if you want to take things one step further and really maximize your fat burning potential? What if you want to make sure that every calorie you eat is used efficiently by your body and doesn´t get stored as fat? What if we could combine the positive effects of thermogenetic foods with the thermogenetic weight loss effects of a intense workouts? The answer lies in thermogenic fat burning pre workout supplements.

How to rope climb

how to rope climb
Let me ask you: when was the last time you did rope climbs? Was it some time during your years at school? Or did you have to climb ropes during your time in the military? Or is the rope climb a regular exercise during your workout sessions? Or did you just watch Rich Froning at the Crossfit games and decided that now is the time to master the rope climb just like the Navy Seals do?