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RDLs – Master Romanian Deadlifts

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Romanian Deadlifts (RDLs) is a hip hinge exercise mainly targeting the hamstrings. Hamstring muscles are skeletal and voluntary, this means you control how they move and work. They are located in the back of the thigh, starting at your hip and inserting to the knee.

11 Brutal Crossfit Deadlift Workouts

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You are here for the workouts, so I will not have you go through endless "how to" and "why" paragraphs about the deadlift. However, if you are interested in some more information you will find everything below the wods.

Deadlift workout – a killer exercise for your whole body

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We all know this question that comes up sooner or later during a conversation about working out: “How much do you bench press?” But lately, another question that I keep hearing more and more is: “How much do you deadlift?” So it seems the deadlift has finally arrived in many people’s workouts and athletes all over the world started to understand what exceptional results can be achieved by adding deadlifts into their workout routine.